About Super

Super is the first social commerce platform in Indonesia. It is also the first Indonesian consumer technology company backed by Y Combinator, which oversees the main feature, Superagen. Superagen is agent-led commerce that enables community leaders to become retailers within their communities.

We use technology to:
1) Empower community leaders to become self-made entrepreneurs by enabling them to sell various products to their communities

2) Build a logistics network with the lowest cost

3) Facilitate communication for social-buying behavior so our agents can sell various products through social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Super is ready to take this golden opportunity to build the number one social commerce network in Southeast Asia.



“Through our technology, we empower people who live in second-tier and third-tier cities to excel in their business, and we make Indonesia have better economy equality across cities"

Daftar SuperAgen, Langsung bisa Jualan
Daftar SuperAgen, Langsung bisa Jualan



The Super co-founding team is a combination of Indonesian who owns computer science and MBA degree from top Ivy League universities in the US, European universities, and Australian universities, as well as local graduates, all of whom have both international experience and a deep understanding of the local market.

The team has experience of working with Y Combinator in Silicon Valley to create meaningful products and build a data-driven team. Furthermore, the founder was part of Forbes list of 30 under 30 Asia 2019 and Generation Tomorrow Tatler Asia 2019. The start-up has also been selected, along with 100 other start-ups that have created social impact in Southeast Asia, to attend the World Economic Forum in Hanoi.

Our team has a proven track record with start-up entrepreneurs like Klik-Eat (like DoorDash) F&B logistics start-up (acquired by Japanese company Yume no MachiSouzou linkai Co., Ltd. with 10x return on investment). We have also built a profitable Indonesian digital media platform that has 35 million monthly visitors and have created the 80th most visited site in Indonesia (based on Alexa data). We also have 2 million+ social media followers and advertise for Fortune 500 companies. We have the best team to build the number-one social commerce company in Southeast Asia because our team has experience in building successful commerce and social network ventures. We understand how to engage people in online transactions and how to build millions of followers through social channels.



an Indonesian word that in English means “fast.” We always work as quickly and as well as we can

1) Customer-Centric: One of the mottos that we learned from working with Y Combinator was "make something people want." We take care of our customers. To become a market leader, we need to talk to and understand our clients. We also need to deliver the best product to serve our customers’ needs.

2) Partner Centric: In addition to serving customers, we always pursue win-win partnerships. We are happy if we can grow together with our business partners to create strong foundations that will propel the company forward.

3) Team Centric: We could not fulfill our first two core values without our team. Our team motto deeply reflects the Michael Jordan quote: “Talent wins games, but intelligence and teamwork win championships.” A winning team is not always full of superstars but is rather a combination of individuals with different levels of ability who can work together to build the best and most meaningful products for customers.

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